Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global leader in providing our customers with quality cannabis and hemp-derived CBD products. Conscious of our roots, we embrace sustainable local ecosystems and environments. We are dedicated to education and our desire to innovate is fuelled by our curiosity and our keen adoption of new technologies and ideas.



Diverse sites, 300,000+ sq. ft


Artisanal cannabis - CBD from industrial hemp


Growing techniques - Education platform

Confirmed sales

Canada’s 3rd largest supply agreement


  • Committed to our local roots and the creation of strong local ecosystems.
  • Implementing sustainable growing and facility solutions to reduce our impact on the natural environment.
  • Dedicated to a local workforce as diverse as the global communities we serve.
  • Rooted in Education and Awareness.
  • Ecologically mindful selecting packaging to reduce waste.

The Biome difference

BIOME was conceived by leaders with a bird’s eye view of the emerging cannabis sector. We believe that technology, education, and innovation will set us apart.

The BIOME Difference can be seen in our dedication to under-serviced regional markets and consumers.

The BIOME Difference can be seen in our sourcing of CBD from sun-grown Industrial Hemp.

The BIOME Difference can be seen in our capacity to achieve smart scale without compromising locally grown quality.

BIOME CEO – Khurram Malik

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