Corporate Responsibility

Biome Grow is a socially responsible member within the communities we operate in, as a corporate partner to the regional governments we work with, and within Canada’s cannabis industry.

On October 17th, 2018 Canada will legalize regulated recreational cannabis. As a federally licensed producer of cannabis, Biome Grow recognizes that we need to ensure that we do our part to provide education on our products and information on responsible use.


In addition to building local production facilities, Biome Grow builds local ecosystems to take advantage of existing local strategic assets while also supporting local communities to strengthen indirect economic development. Specifically, Biome Grow entered into a partnership with St. Francis Xavier University on December 5, 2017 in respect of a multi dispensary three-year collaboration.  Through this partnership, Biome Grow and this leading academic institution located close to its Nova Scotia based production facility will conduct a range of research-based initiatives including:

Committed to Communities

Biome Grow is a publicly traded company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia with offices in Toronto, Ontario. Our facilities are currently based in Atlantic Canada.

Biome Grow is a partner there, investing in each community by providing jobs, economic development and healthy workplaces.

We are grateful to be part of these communities in Atlantic Canada, and as we expand globally, Biome Grow will carry the hospitality and values these communities have shown us.

Thank you, Atlantic Canada!