In addition to building local production facilities, Biome Grow builds local ecosystems to take advantage of existing local strategic assets while also supporting local communities to strengthen indirect economic development. Specifically, Biome Grow entered into a partnership with St. Francis Xavier University on December 5, 2017 in respect of a multi dispensary three-year collaboration.  Through this partnership, Biome Grow and this leading academic institution located close to its Nova Scotia based production facility will conduct a range of research based initiatives including:

  • Creating unique cannabis genetics that may be used in clinical trials that Biome Grow intends to undertake
  • Developing new delivery methods and mechanisms for delivery of cannabis into the human body
  • Research into new approaches for growing and cultivating cannabis on an industrial scale
  • Assisting in sourcing human capital for Biome Grow with a particular focus on St. Francis Xavier students and graduates
  • Working with regional and provincial authorities to support these aforementioned activities.