Red Sands Craft Cannabis Co.

Red Sands Craft Cannabis Co. (“Red Sands”) is the local brand for Biome-grown cannabis products being sold in Prince Edward Island. It is also the name of the local company under development to create cannabis products from extraction for sale in the rest of Canada and beyond. Islanders love the unique culture and feeling of their province, and tourists flock to P.E.I. for its world renowned beautiful red sand beaches and the wonderful local culture.

Biome Grow has chosen to focus on the regional differences in tastes and preferences of Atlantic Canadians to develop its cannabis products and brands for markets both local and global. Red Sands will take product from other Biome Grow subsidiaries, such as Back Home Cannabis in Newfoundland and Labrador and/or Highland Grow in Nova Scotia, and turn the raw cannabis plant into oils, creams, tinctures and digestible products as the market in Canada evolves. Biome’s investment in PEI will be an initial facility of approximately 35,000 sq. for extraction and manufacturing. Red Sands will create local employment opportunities as the facility is established and those opportunities will grow as the company grows through exclusive arrangements in foreign markets.