Our Brands

Nova Scotia
Highland Grow

Reflective of the beautiful and rugged northern Nova Scotia terrain, Highland is a local Cannabis grower near Antigonish that is Biome Grow's first licensed producer under Canada's Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

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Back Home

Biome Grow acquired Back Home on April 25, 2018.  Back Home is also in the late stages of an ACMPR cultivation license application (the Back Home Application) where construction on a new structure in Western Newfoundland began in the second quarter of 2018. The Back Home Application is in the detailed review stage. Back Home expects to be in a position to receive a cultivation licence to produce cannabis once Phase I of the construction of the Newfoundland Facility is complete.

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Great Lakes

Biome Grow acquired Great Lakes Cannabis on March 2, 2018.  Great Lakes Cannabis is in the late stages of a cultivation license application to Health Canada pursuant to the ACMPR in respect of a facility in Norwich, Ontario (the P-209 Application). The application is in the detailed review stage. Great Lakes Cannabis expects to be in a position to receive a cultivation licence shortly after work on the Ontario Facility is complete.

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Red Sands

Red Sands Craft Cannabis Co. (“Red Sands”) is the local brand for Biome-grown cannabis products being sold in Prince Edward Island. It is also the name of the local company under development to create cannabis products from extraction for sale in the rest of Canada and beyond. Islanders love the unique culture and feeling of their province, and tourists flock to P.E.I. for its world renowned beautiful red sand beaches and the wonderful local culture.

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Cannabis Education
Weed VR

Weed VR is the definitive platform for virtual engagement with the cannabis industry. Connecting you with growers and distributors as well as retail partners, Weed VR is a multi-faceted product capable of being packaged for recreational, promotional, educational, and medical use cases. Weed VR will be the first to bring a virtual library of cannabis strains to the market by creating a definitive collection of 3D photogrammetry scanned buds and plants.

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